Stop, Think & Choose Art Worksheet (Printable)

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Ready for a splash of color in your journey towards better decision-making? Check out our "Stop, Think, Choose Art Worksheet" – it's like a stoplight for your emotions and choices, but way more fun.

What's Inside:

Vibrant and Engaging: Perfect for those who love a bit of art. Fill this worksheet with lively colors while answering the engaging prompts.

Emotion Stoplight: Like a stoplight controls traffic, this worksheet helps control those tricky emotions. It's a visual and interactive way to understand and manage your feelings.

Creative Coping: Through creative prompts, discover new and fun ways to handle emotions and situations. It's not just thinking – it's creating!

For Everyone Who Loves to Color: Whether you're a young one or just young at heart, this worksheet is for you if you art and creativity.


Why You'll Love It:

Express Yourself: Get those crayons or markers out and express your feelings. It's learning, therapy, and play all rolled into one.

Understand Your Feelings: This worksheet helps put those jumbled emotions into words and colors – making sense of the chaos.

Make Better Choices: Learn to pause ('Stop'), reflect ('Think'), and then act ('Choose')


Dive into our "Stop, Think, Choose Art Worksheet" and add color to your emotional intelligence. It's not just a worksheet; it's a rainbow guide to better choices!