Stop, Think & Choose Worksheet (Printable)

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The Stop, Think & Choose Worksheet is your straightforward guide to handling those everyday emotional crossroads. Think of it as a traffic signal for your brain, but instead of cars, it's your feelings we're directing!

What's Inside:

Emotional Stoplight Insight: Learn to identify your feelings ('Stop'), think about how to cope ('Think'), and then make a good choice ('Choose'). It's as easy as red, yellow, green!

Thoughtful Exercises: With clear and direct questions, this worksheet guides you through understanding your emotions and how they drive your decisions.

Ideal for All Ages: This worksheet is versatile for kiddo learning about emotions or an adult needing a clear guide.

Why You'll Love It:

Easy to Understand: Sometimes, less is more. With this worksheet, you get the essence of emotional management without the bells and whistles.

Reflect and Grow: It's a space to reflect on your feelings and choices, leading to personal growth.

Practical Decision-Making: This worksheet is about making those day-to-day decisions better and healthier.

Grab the Stop, Think & Choose Worksheet and steer your emotional journey. It's your emotional traffic light – ready to guide you at every turn!