Coping Skills Workbook (E-Book/Printable)

$10.00 USD

Give your child the keys to emotional resilience with the Coping Skills Workbook. This workbook is a toolbox of life skills that help children manage stress, anxiety, anger, and other challenging emotions.

Created by a licensed mental health therapist specializing in working with children, this workbook is packed with practical exercises that are as engaging as they are enlightening. These activities empower children to express and control their emotions in a healthy, constructive manner.

With the Coping Skills Workbook, every page is a new adventure in exploring a coping skill. Colorful illustrations, captivating scenarios, and hands-on activities keep children engaged while fostering emotional growth. In addition, parents will appreciate the user-friendly layout and the opportunities it offers for fostering meaningful conversations with their children.

50+ Activities to Help Children Deal with Strong Emotions